Monday, October 17, 2016

Jaunting around Jersey Part 3

 I guess it's time to finally finish talking about my trip to Jersey nearly six months ago!!! (eek!)   I am actually going to talk about two days because..well a rainy day that I spent in the capital city of St Helier isn't really worth a blog post of its own!!!

I love museums especially when it's to do with history, so I decided on the first rainy day I would visit the Jersey Museum and Maritime Museum as well as the covered market.   The first rainy day came the second day I was in Jersey - the first day of my trip which was gloriously sunny I spent at the Durrell Wildlife Park. 

So off I headed into town - I know I've said it before but in my opinion the Jersey bus service is wonderful.

My first stop was the Central Market.

The famous Jersey Royal potatoes

That's not something you see in every market!

Central Market opened in 1882 and features Victorian architecture.

I then visited the nearby Beresford fish market as well.

Attractive aren't they?

Then it was off to the Jersey Museum and Gallery which showcased the history of Jersey as well as activities in its present times.  Adjoining the museum on its upper floors are the restored rooms of the Merchants House.

This was outside the museum.

Jersey is known as a tax haven.

I didn't take many photos inside the museum but it was fascinating with so much information.  Definitely recommended.  I would go back again next time I visit Jersey because believe you me there will be a next time.

The sculpture outside the Maritime Museum.

I loved these nautical figure heads that were used on the front of ships.

I loved this interactive globe of the world.

The highlight for me was the Tapestries done by the island people to commemorate 50 years of liberation from the Germans.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Jersey was occupied by the Germans for five years of the Second World War.

Another enjoyable museum which is much more hands on than the Jersey museum.  Both well worth visiting.

As a dreamer, I love this!

This statue of Queen Elizabeth stands opposite the causeway to Elizabeth Castle on St Aubin's Bay just outside St Helier.

Elizabeth Castle is connected to land by a causeway.  When the causeway is flooded by the tide a ride in this strange contraption is required - the amphibious Castle Ferry! It was so much fun especially as they played the James Bond theme going over - a thrill for this huge Bond fan!  I felt like I was going on a secret mission. (I've always harboured a secret dream to be a British secret service agent!)

As I mentioned in my Mont Orgueil post this castle was ordered built in the late 1500's by Queen Elizabeth I to defend Jersey as Mont Orgueil was increasingly becoming fragile.  Elizabeth Castle defended Jersey for over 300 years including being used by the Germans during their occupation in the Second World War.

The noon gun was about to go off as we arrived.

BOOM!!!  He picked a tourist to set the explosion off - thank goodness it wasn't me!

The garrison building

I climbed up to the top of the castle and this was the view.  It was better looking towards the sea!!!

Soon it was time to say goodbye to Elizabeth Castle and head off across the bay.

I hopped a bus to St Aubin's which is a resort town close to St. Helier.  And yes I do believe I had an ice cream...

I wandered around St Aubins for a while and found a wonderful art shop.  I really liked this little place and will return some day.  I wanted to eat something but just could not decide on what I wanted.  In the end I headed back to St. Helier.

I read about this cow sculpture (a salute to the famouse Jersey cows) and finally found it.

The main pedestrian shopping street - after hours!!!

Some of the goodies you can buy in Jersey.

I settled on fish and chips at the Seafish Cafe which is downtown right in Liberation Square.  I had the healthy option - not battered!

One more goodbye to the famous Liberation statue...

Then it was back to my little home in Gorey Harbour.  The next morning I stayed in Gorey and after a hearty breakfast I wandered around exploring the harbour and streets of the village before taking the bus to the airport to catch my flight to Newcastle.

Jersey, you stole my heart and I'll be back!

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