Sunday, October 2, 2016

Walking my socks off in Vancouver - Day 3

Finally, I am getting around to talking about my third day in Vancouver.  Day one involved a visit with my friend Darlene and exploring the local area she lives in as well as roaming around Queen Elizabeth Park. Day two was a walk with a friend in Lynn Canyon Park followed by a solo walk at Horseshoe Bay. Day three was a rather low key day compared to the other two but still a good one. I had a quick coffee and muffin and then walked around the downtown area a bit.

On the way I passed by this:

Right on!! 

A block later I saw this beautiful glass art work by Dale Chihuly.  I first fell in love with his work at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix six years back and I must get back to Seattle to see more of his work!  (mental note to self:  next time you are in Vancouver make time to go down to Seattle!)

Then it was on to the harbour where I walked along Canada Place with beautiful views of the ocean - I am making a visit to this area a daily habit!

I could watch the seaplanes take off and land for hours....seriously..I could!

Then I walked along Canada Place which features the provinces and the cities/towns within them along the path.

The best city and the best province!!

More plane watching!!

I then hopped on the Seabus which leaves from Waterfront station arriving at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver a few minutes later.  My mission?  To visit the wonderful Lonsdale Quay market.  I had been there briefly the previous day with Verni as we had lunch there but I wanted to have a good look!  As it turned out I bought nothing...nor took any photos either.  Go figure.

But I got a great view across to downtown Vancouver!

Fountain behind the market.

I sat here for a while just enjoying the view across the water..then I went to an ice cream place I had seen the day before.  That's one of the many beauties of traveling alone...if you want ice cream for lunch you can damn well have it.  Verni had mentioned the day before when we were having lunch at the market that the TransCanada trail pavilion nearby was beautiful and she wanted to take me there but I had been too lazy to walk over.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I then got back on the seabus to downtown Vancouver where I took the bus to the Running Room on Denman St to register for the Stanley Park 5 km walk.  This is the first time in memory that I have not walked the entire seawall and I must confess my heart hurt as it's one of my favourite walks.  Not to worry; once my knee is fixed I will be back at it. (but it still doesn't stop me moaning and bitching and whining "I want my life back; this isn't me"!  Waaa..I am surprised my friends haven't bitch slapped me by now..I am sure they are tempted.) So off I went on a mini version of the walk I love so much.

It all started out pretty well...

I love this sculpture just outside Stanley Park on Georgia St.  A woman trying to find her glasses in her purse....can you see where they are?

View of the Vancouver Yacht club from Georgia St.

Getting closer to it...gorgeous backdrop of the North Shore mountains.

Oh oh...starting to cloud up a bit...

I carried on along the path until I came to the Totem Pole area; I never tire of these beauties.

I thought these Japanese school kids were cute.  Okay I confess I got a bit misplaced here and wandered around (and around) until I found the aquarium - with the help of others. (never be afraid to ask!)  By now it was raining so I got a bus back to Denman St.  I knew I wanted to eat but just didn't know what I wanted.  Don't you hate when that happens?  Nothing appealed so I headed along Robson St. thinking there would be something that would appeal.  I ended up having a couple of slices of pizza in a New York pizza joint.  Meh....nothing wrong with the pizza I had just wanted something a bit nicer...with wine...

I loved this sign!

I stopped in at the library along the way back to the hotel and grabbed a tea (because they had a cafe like all civilized libraries should have!) to take back to the room. It was still pelting rain so I was happy to get back to the room and cozy in for the evening.  It was off on the ferry to Salt Spring island  the next morning so it was time to pack up again!

Three days in Vancouver just was not enough for me; next time it will be longer!

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