Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Finding Nerja (to be quite a lovely place)

Get the title?  I am trying to be creative guys.  So here I sit in my room on a lovely morning.  The sun is beating down on me through the open window as I type this.  Yes life is tough.  I am having yet another "rest day".  This cold sucks, it really does but hey Queen E. and I have something in common right now.  It is a bad one I can tell you - one of the worst I've had.  I'm calling it "the cold that just won't leave".  Or more likely the flu. We will have our four week anniversary on Friday. Last night I got strict instructions from my airbnb host Pilar "Laurie, rest tomorrow".  So that I am.  Later I will meander down to have a late lunch along the beach somewhere and pick up a few supplies at the local supermarket. Yesterday's trip to Ronda was very long and exhausting - but that's a story for another post.

I had never heard of Nerja to be honest but Pilar told me I must go as it was beautiful.  It is 40 km east of Malaga whereas the most well known places on the Costa del Sol tend to be to the west.  I decided that this would be a good thing to do on Boxing Day (December 26th).  I got up later than I had planned as in hitting the "snooze" button on my phone a few too many times.  I made the bus with five minutes to spare.  The trip there took about an hour and a half and when I got off the bus everyone headed off in different directions and I was thinking "what the f*ck" (I have been using that phrase a lot lately).  The main drag is a normal city street with no charm whatsover.  Thank goodness a British woman set me off in the right direction.  As soon as I headed down the first street I felt an instant connection with this place.  And once I saw the view from the Balcony of Europe  - wow!

The balcony on the left?  That's where I had my lunch!

I then started wandering down the side streets which is me and my cameras favourite thing to do.

I always thought this was a German/Austrian thing but guess it's all through Europe..Santa the pervert trying to climb in windows!

Orange trees are everywhere here.

I love fountains!

Okay...guess I will follow you down to the beach then...

I sat on a bench for quite a while just enjoying the view and the sun...

I loved this little house on the beach!

After all that sitting it was time to make my way back up to the town and go walking in a different direction - and to work up an appetite for (a late) lunch!

Beautiful view point along the way...

A bit over the top but fun to look at.

Sorry, couldn't resist!!!

I never get tired of the beautiful tiles here in Spain.

Well you knew there had to be a dog eventually right?  This one was supervising the neighbourhood from its balcony.

Prawn, leek and zucchini lasagna.  I do love my prawns and I needed some vegetables right?  It was delicious but needless to say I could not finish it.

When I was first seated I was outside on the balcony but by the building. As soon as a table at the edge of the balcony came free I immediately told the server I was moving!! Can you blame me? What a view!!!

Back to the Balcony of Europe - this features in a lot of films.  So beautiful!!!

He seems to be admiring the view as well!!!

The beautiful Church of El Salvador in the main square.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Nerja,  I could have stayed longer but I was getting really tired.  I decided to walk back via back streets and a park.  Not a good plan as I got seriously "misplaced". Finally I found my way back to the main street and once again the bus pulled in almost as soon as I got there.  

A great day!  If I ever come back to Andalucia I think I will have to spend a few days here...Nerja wormed its way into my heart. 


pamgaeta said...

Laurie, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece as I sit watching snow fall. Thanks for your blog. -- Pam

Marianne Barkman said...

Love it ! Hope you're feeling better soon !

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