Friday, December 23, 2016

Lights, dancing and nibbling fish

Yes that title just about sums up the last two days.  In some ways it's been pretty laid back but also eventful.

Yesterday morning I wandered around the area I am staying in which is called Pedralejo.  Pilar had told me about all the cafes but I really hadn't given it much thought.  I walked down to get some cash from the ATM by the supermarket and decided to walk further and then turned down another street leading towards the sea.

Well!  I could not believe my eyes at the gorgeous little homes.  Pilar told me later they are traditional fisherman's houses which of course are now fixed up and probably go for a the time I had no idea.

I didn't take enough pictures however it's only a ten minute walk from me so I will be back!

I came to a cross roads and here was this beautiful boardwalk along the ocean with loads of beach side cafes.  Most of them hadn't opened yet when I walked by but I will definitely be back...apparently they are open 1 to 4 reopening at 8.  Not a convenient time for my body clock but of course the Spanish like to eat late.

Cute house and cute dog along the boardwalk

After going back to my room and changing I headed out to central Malaga as I was attending a Christmas concert that evening and I wanted to figure out how to get to the theatre (Teatro Cervantes) while it was still light.  Well!!!...I got good and lost but on the bright side I did find some cool street art

I then wandered around putting in time and taking photographs.

Once again I hadn't eaten soon enough and was getting really hungry.   I found a place just down from where I ate the night before - tonight it was paella!  It was pretty good but I stuck to just water as I knew I needed my wits about me to find my way back to the theatre and "home" again!!!  I stood and waited and waited along with others for the lights to go on but gave up and headed over to the theatre.

By the time I found my way back there (ahem..) it was getting dark and it was lit up.

I finally found my seat - wow loads of leg room...I could have swung my legs all over the place.  It made a nice change from London's tiny theatres where your knees are cramped...of course we are a lot bigger than we were when those theatres were built!  The concert itself?  It was pretty good but had its annoying bits.  Of course not knowing the language it sounded like they were singing the same song over and over again and I must admit got tired of the Spanish guitar.  They did a bit of flamenco dancing as well and brought out a small girl near the end who did a good job.  At one point they had a woman attempting the flamenco dance who seemed to be physically and mentally handicapped but of course couldn't understand what they were saying - I thought that was a bit strange but maybe she was some kind of celebrity?  I will never know.   A group of women behind me basically never shut up the whole performance - yack yack yack.  Near the end the whole audience was singing along and clapping but of course I didn't know what the hell was going on and even my clapping was out of sync!!  But I enjoyed yelling "Ole!!!!  So I can say it was an experience and I'm glad I went but when they were going into their second ovation I muttered "not bloody likely" and got the hell out of dodge.  I managed to find my way back and was able to snap a few photos of the fabulous Christmas lights.

The lights above reminded me of the lights on Fremont St in downtown Las Vegas.  These were the ones I was waiting for.

This morning I was up fairly early (I've been sleeping until 8 or so...thanks to night time Tylenol which I need to stop the coughing) and headed off to the train station (by bus) to get a train to Torremolinos.  First things first as I had only had yogurt this morning - so it was cafe con leche and churros with chocolate for breakfast!

I immediately realized that Torremolinos and me weren't going to get along.  It was just too tacky tourist for my liking.

I have no clue what the above was supposed to be.

Mary and Joseph with what looks like an alien baby and a donkey?


So to cheer myself up I finally did something I've been meaning to do for ages - go to a fish spa! I have seen so many in Asia but never had the nerve.  I decided it was time to try it once and for all.  I thought it would be horribly ticklish but it is more like the feeling you have when your foot "falls asleep" although much more pleasant. I would definitely do it again.  The 30 minute session came with a drink and one of the options was wine so I drank wine and had my feet nibbled by loads of little fish. (and yes I do have turquoise painted toenails!)

I then decided I had better be sensible and eat.  Of course with all the restaurants I have to pick the one that has the worst pizza I've ever tasted.  It was like a frozen pizza and with canned mushrooms.  Shudder!  I was hungry and I ate most of it but I was so disappointed.  Luckily my fish spa saved the day!

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