Monday, December 12, 2016

Off to Belgium I go

A quick blog post before I head off to Bruges, Belgium this morning...hopefully.  The Southern trains are not running for three days this week due to a strike by the conductors AND drivers.  There have been on and off strikes with the conductors which has resulted in delayed and canceled trains but there will be no trains running from the local station which means a bus and the tube.

I am up early - who can sleep when they need to get up early to travel?  Not me!!!  Especially when it involves a "new" place.

The last couple of days has seen me at a performance of"The Snowman" which is a children's story.  But it was adorable and who can resist dancing penguins, squirrels, badgers, etc.?  Not me!!  I also have been riding around in buses seeing the lights.  And yesterday I attended the "Fire Fire" exhibition at London Museum.  In September 1666 there was a huge fire which decimated London.  Not too many lost their lives but thousands were left homeless.  It was very interesting.

I won't be taking my laptop with me to Belgium so no blog posts from there or until the weekend.  I have a very busy Friday when I get back!

So I'll love you and live you with some photos of my recent activities!

A (sunny - haven't seen much of that lately) morning visit to St James's Park

Somerset House skating rink

The cast of "The Snowman"  about a little boys adventure with a snowman.

 Lights on Regent Street

Window display - John Lewis dept store on Oxford St. I spent way too much time there but furry critters....

 Christmas lunch two weeks early -because I am going to be a Spain for Christmas.  And yes that is nut roast - because the turkey, sausage wrapped in bacon was too awful to contemplate having.

Selfridges window display.  The best bit - the rest was crap. (unless you like slinky models getting friendly with Santa)

\And that's it - the fastest blog post I've ever done and I grabbed pictures.  Not necessarily the best.  More at the weekend!

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