Sunday, January 1, 2017

A day with the animals at the Biopark in Fuengirola

I'm on a roll - my third blog post in a day! I need to catch up before I head to Seville tomorrow for three nights.  I am so ready!  So today is a rest day and I am not even leaving the apartment.  I have food I need to use up and lots of tea and trying to drink lots of water.   Wine as well if I wish but sadly I haven't wished for a while...when I don't want wine I know something is wrong.  I am having a good day so far and my knees are happily having a rest as they only have to walk between the desk here and the kitchen and bathroom!  It's a sunny day and I keep looking longingly outside at the people walking along the malecon but I am resisting! 

My friend Pat had told me how wonderful the Biopark in Fuengirola was so I knew I would visit it at some point.  I decided to go New Years Eve and rest today.

I took the train which took about 45 minutes - once there I had a cafe con leche and pastry at a coffee shop across from the rail station.  After a fifteen minute walk I was there.  It seemed strange to enter a zoo from a regular busy main street but there it was.  So without further adieu here are some photos of the critters I met yesterday.

This deer kept staring at me and the whole scene was like something from Disney!

Who can get tired of watching these cute critters?  Not me!

Gorilla just hanging out

This chimpanzee was just chilling out - "too bloody right" he says "it's damn cold here".  And yes, yesterday was quite chilly!

Colobus monkey which hails from Africa

And so the massage by Spider Monkey begins...this Colobus even turned around and laid down and at one point had three Spider monkeys working on it.  Spider monkeys are tiny things so the Colobus isn't as huge as it looks here!

What the heck did I just pick up?

Cheeky monkey!

 Two of them at it...I'm sure it must have felt good to have things scratched and pulled out in places it couldn't get to.  It sure seemed to enjoy it anyway!  Okay enough of the monkey massage thing.

The orangutans weren't too active - guess they were too cold!  Though I would think jumping around would keep them warmer but guess they didn't think that way.

Not sure what kind of bird this was!

A Lesser Malay Mouse deer.  A new one for me.

Not sure what these are either but looks like it's saying "WHAT time did you get in last night young lady"?

Mama and baby...just don't get in between.  Hippos kill a lot of people in Africa.

Silver back gorilla

Another new animal for me - a Binturong.  It is a bearcat native to Asia and Southeast Asia.

Visayan spotted deer.  Honestly their living quarters were so beautiful I was taking photos of them as well.

What a pose!

Back with the meerkats.  Confession time - I went through the zoo three times just so I could see the critters again.  It is not a huge zoo so entirely doable and they were nice enough to install lots of benches and other places to sit.  As it was a cool cloudy day there won't a lot of people there either - yay!

Who's been digging in the sand then?

Third time was the charm with the lemurs - they were all curled up together in a ball the first two times around but the third time they were a bit more active and this guy came out to say hi.

Beautiful sculptures - even if they were fakes! 

Hey even the red river hog's mom thinks its beautiful right?

Sumatran tiger

Sri Lankan leopard

Komodo dragon - wouldn't want to meet one of these on a dark night or on a bright sunny day.  

Sadly it was time to leave.  I walked down to the sea to have a look then had a disappointing (as in I could have made this myself) pasta meal at a cafe along the road running by the water front.  

Check out the crap on the beach that has been washed in and never cleaned up...

Well good for you Robert!

These are mail boxes at the post office - aren't they neat?  Wish I had something with me to mail!

Church in the town square with nativity scene.

And then it was back on the train to Malaga and the bus back here. 

I won't be taking my laptop with me to Seville tomorrow so no more blog posts until at least Friday...I will do updates on Facebook however.  

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