Friday, January 6, 2017

Seville - the first 24 hours

I am so grateful that I booked a couple of days in Seville rather than a day trip as it gave me the opportunity to walk around and explore at my leisure...a nice way of saying at a slow pace!

The train trip from Malaga was a smooth two and a half hour journey.  Just a half hour outside of Malaga much to my surprise I saw groups of people with helmets walking along bridges attached to the mountain.  By the time I pulled out my camera we had passed them, I put the camera away and there they were again but the train window was too dirty.  I googled this and it appears to be part of the El Caminito del Rey which is one of the most dangerous hiking paths in the world.  It was very interesting anyway.

Once into Santa Justa station I got a taxi to my hotel as Seville is very complicated with streets going here and there.  Well!!!  It was quite the ride as we dove down narrow streets that didn't seem like a car could even fit - I swear one woman leaned against a building and pulled her stomach in as we shot by.  Finally got to the Hotel Goya which was a pleasant enough place.  The front desk staff were excellent and while my room was small, I had a view of the building next door (as in I could reach out and touch it)  and I only had two electrical plug ins, for forty euro a night I could not complain.

I quickly put a few things away and I was off.   The immense size of the cathedral took my breath away - there is no way that baby could fit into one picture!!!

I then headed over to Plaza Nueva, one of the main squares in the city and couldn't believe my eyes!

I had to fight my way in to get a photo - people were going nuts!  I just had to laugh.

I realized I hadn't had a proper breakfast and was darn hungry.  I found a quiet place a few blocks away and sat outside. I tried octopus for the first was better than the Iberian pork that's for sure.  Also tried cold Andalucian tomato soup which is the first time I've had cold soup.  Yes I've had a sheltered life I guess.

And yes that's a mojito...that sucker cost me 6 euros.  I ordered it without checking the price...I've had better...

I headed back to the room to rest for an hour or so before heading out again after dark...Seville certainly had some great Christmas decorations.

After seeing the long line to get into the Real Alcazar (Royal Palace) I decided to book online on my phone...the front desk clerk kindly had me email my confirmation and printed it for me. I found the desk staff so helpful - another plug for the hotel. (and the location cannot be beat - just a five minute walk to the Cathedral)  So the next morning I just waltzed in rather than standing for who knows how long - everytime I passed by the place (as well as the Cathedral) there were long lines.

I will be doing a blog post about the Alcazar with more photos and more detail when I get home.  The Alcazar was primarily built in the 1300's and is a World Heritage Site.  It originated as a fort back in the 9th century and in the 11th century the Muslim rulers built a palace on this site.   It is absolutely exquisite.  The beauty is in the detail.  The buildings themselves are nothing really but the interiors and gardens/fountains are beautiful.

Near the entrance

These were replicas of the original tapestries - replicas were done in the 19th century

After well over four hours there I was pretty tired and went back to my room for a while.  And that's where I will leave it for now.

I'm not sure when the next post will be as tomorrow is my last day here and I will be busy.  I fly back to London on Sunday and on Monday I plan to do laundry, get my hair cut in Croydon and binge watch ITV and BBC iplayer like there is no tomorrow.  So many Christmas specials to watch not to mention I have to catch up with Corrie.  I do have my priorities you know!!!

I will be posting updates on my Restless Prairie Girl page on Facebook as per usual.

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