Saturday, March 18, 2017

Getting myself fixed up for more adventures

As you probably know from reading my blog I have issues with my knees - namely osteoarthritis.   Both knees are bone on bone but the left one is the "bitchy" one.  I have been on the waiting list for a knee replacement since late last summer.  I had figured it would be sometime in the May/June timeframe from my (too frequent) emails to inquire how much longer. (yes I am impatient!).  Well this past Thursday the 16th of March I was called and asked if I wanted to take an opening on Tuesday March 21st.  Yes please!  So the past couple of days have been crazy with a a pre-surgery assessment and racing around stocking up on supplies I will need for the next couple of months.

I've joined a couple of Knee Replacement Support groups and quickly learned to scroll quickly past pictures of people's incisions and scars before I was sick all over the keyboard or phone.  Trust me, you won't be seeing any of that anywhere from me.  What's with people?  Geesh!  I have learned there is a lot of pain involved which has me terrified as I could never be accused of being brave...well not when it comes to pain anyway.  Hop a plane to anywhere in the world on my problem!

So no more blogs for a while my friends.  Once I can sit for any length of time at a computer and actually focus (I hear the drugs are good at least and I will be in la la land for a while) I will start writing again.

There will be pain and tears ahead of me but a sparkly rainbow at the end.  Hello Chicago in October (and by then hopefully I can do short walks in more state capitals in the midwest!) and nice to meet you Dubai, Sri Lanka, South India and MORE next winter.  THAT is what is going to keep me working hard on doing my exercises.  I'm told the key is exercising, listening to what the doctor and physiotherapists say as well as rest AND taking painkillers when you need them.  (no problem there!) I am fortunate to have a great bunch of friends locally who have my back on this and are willing to help out when I need them.  I am an independent gal (in case you hadn't noticed) but I am already learning that I need to ask for help now and again.

I'll be back here soon!!!

And hopefully back on the Thames Path next year...35 miles down and only 145 to go!

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