Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Day 9 on the Thames Path - Shepperton to Chertsey

For a long while I didn't think I would ever write that title again...but here I am.  Tired but happy. (might not be so happy tomorrow morning...time will tell!) It was a dream come true to be back on the path again and I had the biggest grin on my face for most of it - even when I was ploughing my way along muddy paths.

Today was a short one - my Garmin watch tells me I walked about nine km.  Probably only about four and a half km (if that) was on the actual path as I had to walk to and from the railway stations at the beginning and the end of my walk.  However it's a start and I proved to myself that I can do it.

Staying in South London has its advantages as I have easy access to the rail network that takes me to the towns along the Thames Path...and I now have a Seniors rail card so save 30% on my rail fares.  It's all good!

I can't remember too much about Shepperton rail station - after all last time I had "celebrated" the end of the walk with a glass of wine on an empty stomach and not enough hydration.... Thank goodness for google maps as I found my way to Shepperton Lock which is where I would have ended up if the ferry had been running that day...but no worries as today I got to see more of the town itself.  Quite nice actually and I wouldn't mind more of a snoop around some day when I am not walking. 

That's tellin' 'em!! 

St Nicholas Church

And there it was...my old friend the Thames. This is the ferry I would have been on if it had been running two years back....but it was cancelled due to high water....which forced me to walk further than perhaps I should have.  My knee did not forgive me for that walk for a long time...

The Thames Path used the road for a while but no worries as it wasn't very busy.

Lots of daffodils to come!

I was so excited to be back on the trail I asked a man passing by if he could take my photo - he happily obliged so he and his wife got to hear all about Thelma and my two year break in walking the path.

This swan came out of the water and striding towards me which was kind of cool until I thought "oh shit maybe he/she has eggs around here and he/she is protecting them" - so I got the "hell out of dodge" fairly quickly. 

How the other half lives - there were some very nice houses in this neck of the woods.

Oh look - a pub!  No Laurie, it's too early to go to the pub....

The road turned inland and the path began...it was fairly muddy as there has been quite a bit of rain lately. 

Lots of canal boats along this part of the river.

A messy "kissing gate" to get through.

The only dog and dog walker today - the doggie's name was Sandy which was the name of my dog so that made me all sentimental and I made a big fuss of her.

Another kissing gate at the other end of the meadow as they graze cattle here... but none today.

Chertsey Bridge and the end of my walk...

And this is where I will start next time!!!

Then it was to a pub to celebrate.  This time I stuck with coke! 

Jacket potato with ooey gooey cheese and prawns.  Yum!

I will be back to see you again my old friend.....soon, very soon....

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