Saturday, December 7, 2013

The charm of Snowshill

When I last left you I was at Broadway tower - after our visit to the cafe we headed off towards Snowshill...sadly in the wrong direction....we turned left too soon....however if we hadn't gone the wrong way we wouldn't have done this....feasted on lovely blackberries off the bush.  Well okay... we did do that at several places but there was a very nice batch here...

Or have seen this...

We finally found our way - along a very narrow road...with me wittering on about possible traffic coming and killing us...yeah was pretty quiet.  The whole walk to Snowshilll  and back was road walking actually.  

Lavender fields - well the remains of them.  They would be glorious in their heyday although I was just as happy - I am allergic to lavender.

Surrounding country side - oops I think that horse was doing some business- or maybe just swatting flies. 

And here we are!!!  

I love pretty doors!

View from the churchyard

We walked in here and then out again...we wanted a cream tea...not a drink. (wow that's a first)

St Barnabas Church

War memorial in church yard
As you can see, Snowshill was a lovely little village. 

We then carried on walking out of town until we reached Snowshill Manor.  It is a big tourist attraction in these parts but we were more interested in the cream tea.  When we went up to the admission desk we were told we had to buy a ticket to see the property to enter the cafe.  Seeing the crestfallen look on our faces ("please, all we want is a cream tea"!) the sweet young gal let us go in.   And so we did and did not stop - well except to use the loo....

Come to mama!!! 

Scones, preserves, clotted cream and tea...and utter bliss!

After enjoying our lovely tea and thanking the gal at the front desk (and another stop at the loo) we hit the road again....back on the road to Broadway.  (our map did not have a walking path for the route we wanted to walk) 

We walked between Gloucestershire and Worcestershire (where Broadway is).  Being as Gloucestershire is my "homeland" (well half of it) so to speak I had to have a picture of me with the sign.  (well it made sense at the time)

As we approached Broadway we came to this beautiful church...St Eadburgha's church.  St Eadburgha may be an alternative spelling of St Edburga - an English saint from the 7th century.   The church's isolated position outside of the village of Broadway could have been because of fear of the plague...

June showing how it's believe I went through the gate!
On our way back into town we stopped to say hi to this character and he tried to steal Tready bear!!!  (ormaybe he just wanted to  love her up)
What a beautiful walk we had that day.  Snowshill was a little gem and the view from Broadway Tower was astounding.  Walking on the roads was not a problem as they were fairly quiet.  There was room to jump off the side when a vehicle did come by.  We got to experience so much more than whizzing by in a car.  A great day!!!

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June Bates said...

The best way to see the Cotswolds or any part of the world is by walking! I am definitely going back as well! The weather was great, the people so friendly and helpful, and the company I had was perfect! Laurie, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your wonderful walks around that gorgeous area of England! You took me under your wing and I learned a lot from you and your many travel experiences.


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