A stroll around Notting Hill

When I woke up this morning I didn't know what I would do.  Lots of ideas in my head but nothing definite. On the spur of the moment I decided to snoop around Notting Hill - what a good choice I made!  It was dull and overcast today but the brilliant colours of the area more than made up for it.  A bus and tube trip later and I was there.  I had downloaded and printed off a walk from the Lonely Planet guide at home so followed that as well as looking for specific buildings I had read about previously.  So here we go...off to explore Notting Hill.  (watch out for Hugh!)

Hillgate Village - a first for me...beautiful!  

You know you want to see another picture right? 

Pretty, pretty.  Hillgate Village is on the other side of Notting Hill from the market area. 

I love this movie! 

Now we are on Portobello Road - famous for the market and some of the main scenes from the movie Notting Hill. 

Portobello mushrooms on Portobello road..

This is the house (well, the outside!)  where Hugh lived with his crazy roommate Spike. 

On St Luke's Mews...adorable!!! 

This was where the bookstore was supposed to be.  There is a Notting Hill bookshop but it has nothing to be with the movie. 

Met this charming gentleman on Portobello Road  ""walking"his dog.  She is sixteen years old and this is how she rolls...:)  
I thoroughly enjoyed my walk around the area and not being a Saturday the market was not on.  Much quieter and that's how I prefer it. There were still lots of shops and enough street vendors but not the mad house it is on market day.  I treated myself to lunch at a local greasy spoon frequented by locals followed by a mulled wine sold on the street...last one of the season no doubt....  I was able to buy a couple of gifts as well.  A wonderful time!

I debated on walking over to Kensington but I decided that was enough and headed back to be with Emma.  One of the great pleasures of being here in London for an extended amount of time is there is no need to hurry.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos and coming with me on my walk as much as I enjoyed it!


Marie Lacey said…
Oh Laurie! What an absolutely wonderful adventure you had today! Love all the pictures! Next time I will explore too. ��