Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Beautiful day on Holy Island

Well what a day I had!  It was absolutely marvelous and the weather while blustery was sunny.   This will just be a quick photo essay on what I did as I want to go into more detail with history, etc. on the island.  With the name as you can imagine it had its origins in Christianity.

Let's just say I got my sheep fix today and explored the first of three castles I will be visiting in Northumberland.

Holy Island is reached by a causeway that is only open when the tide is out.  I could go either today or Saturday so I chose today thinking a week day would be quieter.  I chose wisely as it was pretty quiet.  I still can't get over the weather; I was very lucky.

As it turned out the other couple here at the B and B (which is fabulous by the way) - Eddie and Glynnis from Derbyshire were going as well so we traveled together on the bus and kept bumping into one another.   We couldn't come back until 6:30 due to the tide and it was a long day but it gave me lots of time to explore.  They are a friendly couple and I may be tagging along with them to Bamburgh Castle and Sea Houses tomorrow; we shall see.  Berwick itself will be worth a day of exploration.

No people in my picture - gotta love it!

I walked along a path behind the castle and could have kept walking but I was sensible - I want to be able to move tomorrow.  I wish I had worn my Garmin as it would be interesting to see how miles I locked today.  It would be impressive I am sure.

Part of St Mary's church and Lindisfarne Priory

Lindisfarne Priory

St Mary's church

War memorial on highest point of Holy Island

And that's all she wrote - time to crawl into bed and relax.  I am tired!

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Marie Lacey said...

Laurie! What a fabulous journal and beautiful photos! You need to write a book !
Marie Lacey.

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