Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home again

Back home as of Saturday night. Enjoying some wonderful prairie weather....NOT. Wonder when summer will get here? I think I should change my blog name to "Misplaced Ocean Child" because that's what I am. I love the ocean so much - feel so at peace when I am beside it. Yet I would probably miss the prairies if I moved to the ocean (although maybe not....) so I guess the solution is to keep taking trips to be by the ocean as much as I can...as long as I have the financial resources to do so. Guess that's why I am "retired" but still work!!!

Anyway I will be updating my blog with more comments and putting in pictures but it's a work in progress.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Still bloggin

Above left - Table Head in Glace Bay - this is the site where Marconi sent his first transatlantic east to west telegraph to England. Above right - My rental car (Nissan Sentra) by the ocean in Glace Bay.

Am at Sydney library now - walked by here on the way back to my car. Have been doing some retail therapy here and had my last lobster roll for a late lunch. Celtic music playing in the background at the restaurant - there is a live concert tonight but way past my bedtime - 10:30!!! If I had been staying where we stayed for the convention I'd have gone over but not when I am a half hour drive away as I would want a drinkie poo or two.... I am told there won't be much selection of restaurants in Glace Bay so that is why I had lunch here....my gas tank is full so trying to minimize the driving.

The sun is trying to come out so may do the Glace Bay walk if there is a 5 km option - will see. When I get back to the car will phone the B & B and see if they are in, etc. At least the rain has stopped and that is a GOOD thing.

I decided to come downtown as the road to Glace Bay is just fast food restaurants and Squallmart, etc. I avoid those at home so why bother here.

Hoping I can get to the Glace Bay harbour to say goodbye to the ocean...:(

Yes I did as you can see from the above photos. The morning I flew out I did a 5 km walk in downtown Glace Bay.

Pouring cats and dogs in Louisbourg

Glad I went to the fortress yesterday as really pouring today. I'm back at the Louisbourg library for a bit then will hit the road to Sydney. Not sure what I will do when I get there - probably check out the mall. How exciting. The one museum I would be interested in doesn't open until the 15th of June.

I will be staying at a bed and breakfast in Glace Bay tonight then flying out tomorrow afternoon. It's been a good trip - not a fantastic one I must admit - but a good one. They all can't be wonderful. Moments ranging from sheer joy (Cape St Mary's comes to mind) to sheer boredom. (like now) Next time I visit the Maritimes it will be in the fall - three times in May (twice because of a convention) is enough as things aren't open. I'm hoping my friend in Germany can join me for the next trip in a few years.

If the weather improves (and it's supposed to get sunny this afternoon) I may do the 10 km walk in Glace Bay. We shall see. I had hoped to do a bit of walking here this morning but it isn't to be.

Hope to hell it isn't raining in Regina as I want to go walking on Sunday. I will be posting pictures on this site later in the week. Back to work and working full time for at least six weeks. Oh well it pays for my fun...and believe me lots of fun to come. :) Stay tuned!!!!

Hey, looks like the rain has stopped....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love Cape Breton libraries!

Here I am back again. I had seafood fettucine for dinner tonight. It was pretty good - haddock, shrimp, scallops, salmon - the pasta could have been better but oh well. Tried to find a gas station but Joanne at the B & B said the closest one is ten minutes out of town. They used to have four gas stations here but they all closed...sad. Lots of empty stores here.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow....heavy rain in the morning and supposedly sun in the afternoon. I am gearing down now. One part of me wishes I had ended up the trip in Halifax - could handle more time in Halifax but that's not to be. I am just enjoying the ocean. I may do the walk in Glace Bay if the weather is good tomorrow afternoon but we shall see. Then again I may just go to the harbour and be by the sea. Oh how I will miss the ocean.

Going to sit and read magazines in a bit - the library closes at 8 so will probably stay until then and then go back to the B & B and watch TV. So far I am the only one there. Last night there was a couple from B.C. and they had the ensuite room so I had the bathroom to myself which was nice. There is no place open around here - man oh man don't know how people handle living here. No thank you!

I have repacked my suitcase. I brought it into the B & B being as it's a bungalow and I didn't have to lug it up the stairs. Tomorrow I will just take my clothes to wear Saturdayin with me to the B & B (already picked out) and then just repack them - that is what I did in Baddeck. Can't believe how much crap I brought with me - my suitcase weighs a ruddy ton.

Misty Louisbourg

Here I am in Louisbourg - just back from touring the Fortress. Wow. It is absolutely amazing. Heard stories from the volunteers, toured the many buildings (and hung around the fire) and had hot pea soup for lunch served in pewter bowls with a pewter spoon. I was so cold I needed something to warm me up. It is less than a five minute drive from my B & B. It was crazy as I walked in and the waitress was seating me (on a bench as it was all set up like the 1700's) and I heard "Laurie" and here it was a couple from the walking convention. So I sat with them and had a good visit. It was cold, windy, misty with rain at the end but guess that's pretty "authentic" as they say. It added a mystery to the place that's for sure. I'd have preferred it to be sunny and unauthentic but you can't control the weather.

The B & B I am staying at is nice - a modern ranch style house complete with a cute little (or there any other kind) dachsund named Pogo. Joanne made fish cakes this morning with a hash brown casserole and toast. Yum yum. We get to pick our brekky from a sheet every evening so I may have to go for the same thing tomorrow - how often do you get to have fish cakes for breakfast? Tourism has been very slow in this area for a couple of years now so she was happy to have me for an extra night.

I drove over yesterday from Baddeeck via Glace Bay and visited the Miners Museum. Loved it. I toured the mine below with a retired miner named Arby - so interesting. He had so many stories to tell - boy oh boy it was a hard life especially in the early days. We wore our hard hats and had to walk stooped over around the mine. So glad I went - I was thinking of going Saturday morning before I turned the car back at noon but so glad I did it then as it took about three hours to do everything. I had a lobster roll and fries at the musuem restaurant - very good. I drove along the coast down to Louisbourg - the sun came out about an hour before I arrived here. Drove up to the lighthouse (location of the first lighthouse in Canada) and got some wonderful photos.

I walked along the wharf and popped into a restaurant on the water for a cup of coffee. Was too full to eat - skipped supper entirely last night!!! I told them I'd be back and I plan to go for a GOOD meal complete with vino after I finish here. Only two more seafood meals here left - wahh!!!

Tomorrow I plan to drive back to Glace Bay via Marian Bridge - perhaps popping in to Sydney again. I am booked into a B & B in Glace Bay. My flight leaves Sydney at 2:45 on Saturday afternoon.

Already thinking of my next adventure...fingers crossed it works out!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here I am again

Back at the Baddeck library...hey it's free, dry and warm.... Had my lobster - first time I've apologized to what I am eating...but it was good. But once was enough. I will have a lobster roll before I leave this island but that's it. Had hot gingerbread with whipped cream for dessert - oh yum. Had a glass of wine with my lobster so am suitably warmed up now. :) My B & B is on the "cool side" - okay in bed but otherwise...brrrr.... but the hostess is really nice. And I love the area - right near the water (Bras D'Or lake). I can see a lighthouse from the bathroom!
I'm sorry Mr. Lobster!!! (but you sure tasted good!)
Hate to see the scales when I am home but oh well. Did not eat a single thing from brekky at 8 this morning so I was hungry.

Not sure what's happening tomorrow...put my name in for a 8 hour van trip of the Cabot Trail - if someone else drives it's okay...and then again may head over to Lousisbourg and may do the long way around for a change of scenery. We will see.

My cell phone has run out of money and I do have a card but not the telephone number to activate so that is next on my list of things to do....

Hello from Cape Breton

Well here I am at the Baddock library which is a two minute walk from my B & B. (Mother Gaelic's B & B). I decided not to do the Cabot Trail as the prediction is for non stop rain. However...it rained this morning and only overcast this afternoon but then again who knows what it will be like in the mountains. I just didn't feel comfortable doing it on my own if thereis fog and heavy rain. So I can tell my friend Claudia in Germany that I can do the Cabot Trail with her in a couple of years - she said she wanted to meet me in Nova Scotia some day...
I had a delightful day. This morning I drove to Uisge Ban water falls named to do some hiking. As luck would have it I met a couple of people from Victoria who were here for the walking convention (I had run into them yesterday and we had a chat) so they walked back to the falls with me and then we did the walk along the river together. It was raining when I started but the huge trees provided shelter and then it stopped. What a wonderful walk - enjoyed it so much. It was so kind of them to walk back with me as there was a part that was a bit tricky so was able to borrow a walking stick so I had two. I am a little nervous with bears & a local coyote problem. (there is a presentation on them here at the library tonight so will attend)

Then I drop to the Highland Village in Iona. I got to take a little ferry across the narrows so that was fun. The Highland Village was fantastic - enjoyed it so much. Not only all the period houses with friendly people inside but there was a mama Highland cow with her new baby. So adorable! I enjoyed the village so much. So I have made lemonade out of lemons...if I hadn't skipped the Cabot Trail I never would have seen this as I wouldn't have had time. The scenery & weather reminds me of Scotland so much. Love it here.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. I was able to cancel my B & B's on the trail without any problems so that's good.

Next up is a seafood dinner - the place was closed yesterday but open now so may even go for it and have a whole lobster. I've never had one so it guess it's about time...I've had lobster tails and lobster rolls....

Yesterday I did the 10km Baddeck walk and ran into a couple of Volksporters from near Halifax so walked with them and then went to the Alexander Graham Bell musuem which was near the end of the walk - had been there before but it has changed. What an amazing man.
Hopefully I can get back on the 'net before the end of the trip.

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