Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'M GOING TO NEPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M GOING TO NEPAL, I'M GOING TO NEPAL!!!! Plans are changed and Vietnam has been shelved. I asked myself if this was your last trip to somewhere new in the world where would you go and my heart said NEPAL NEPAL NEPAL!!! So I listened to my so damn excited I can hardly stand it.

I go via London leaving December 8th - fly Qatar airways via Doha (yep never heard of it either) on the 17th of December and start my tour December 19th. Well actually nothing actually happens that day but everyone gathers there. Decided to get there a day ahead for a change instead of being the last one in. I fly back to London January 2nd and will be there until the 13th when it's back to cold Saskatchewan. Love to stay longer but my head says NO...sometimes I have to listen to my head sadly..and my bank account!!

No beach holiday this year but that's okay...Mount Everest will do......yippee skippy!!!!

Here is a link to my tour...

Doesn't it sound awesome? It is not a trekking tour - the only one that's NOT. I am not into camping thank you very much nor sleeping on a hard bed in a lodge...and I am sure people do NOT want to hear my snoring. I would probably get tossed off the side of a mountain or left behind. Plus my knees would not like it. I will do day hikes and at least can relax in a proper bed at night.

And being in London is not offensive to me either...woo hoo. New undies at M & S, up to date Corrie, prawn sandwiches and galaxy bars - life just doesn't get much better than that!!! And maybe I will finally get to see "Billy Elliot"!!

Vietnam is still on the list but it can wait a couple of years. If I don't get there I will live but I would be darn sad to have never made it to Nepal after years of dreaming about it.

I'M GOING TO NEPAL!!! :) :) :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Home again

I didn't get a chance to update during the last part of my trip to Toronto. It was too hot to do much walking but I wandered around downtown and the St. Lawrence Market. I really do like Toronto a lot - next time I go I would prefer the Spring or Fall. Loads of walks to do there in areas I'd never even heard of before. There is so much more to Toronto than the "Skydome" and the CN Tower.

I was able to see my niece and her boyfriend - had a wonderful Indian meal with them and then went back to their place and sat on the balcony and had half a beer...yep me drinking a beer other than Corona...and it wasn't bad either.

The double room at the Victoria Mansions B & B was quite nice. I loved the area as it was close to the subway, Yonge street and lots of restaurants. I don't have a problem with gay people - love is love. You are just damn lucky when you find it. I am glad there is a place they can relax and be themselves - life is not easy for them but thank goodness it's easier than it used to be.

I had a wonderful last meal at a restaurant (California Cafe) near the B & B on Church St. I sat outside and enjoyed acorn squash stuffed ravioli (well it had a fancier name but it was ravioli) with peppers & onions smothered in a pesto cream asparagus sauce. Oh yum, I am drooling just thinking about it. And creme brulee for dessert....sigh...I resisted a glass of wine as I wanted my wits about me for the trip out to the airport.

In the end I decided I couldn't face going to the airport on the subway in rush hour traffic and the heat so took the airport there in plenty of time and then the flight was delayed by two hours due to mechanical problems with the aircraft. We had to take another plane.

So here I am back again - to my summer of hell. Oh well Lethbridge in two weeks and off to the Yukon (Whitehorse) in five weeks. Yeah I know it's a tough old life...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello from hot humid Toronto

Now that's what you call breakfast!
Whoa mama it's hot here. I wandered around today and didn't get much accomplished at all. But first I must say it was another hot hot concert last night. Wow. Three hours of rock and roll and at age 68 he has way more energy than me ten years younger. Awesome as always. Near the end of the show he brought up a young woman who had a sign saying could you sign my arm and I won't put it on Ebay (he had made jokes about it earlier) and she was from Saskatchewan and Paul announced it and pronounced it right. I was very impressed as some people in this country can't get it right. I shrieked and hollered of course. :) Anyway well worth the trip out here for it and I'd do it again and again. As long as he's touring I will keep going to his concerts. It's fun and it makes me feel 12 years old again and if people don't like it well they can just go someplace really really warm!!! (how's that for being polite!)

Today I had a huge brekky at Fran's Place - sat outside and it was bliss. I tried to finish a huge plate of scrambled eggs, maple infused sausages, beans, sweet potatoe fries and toast. I enjoyed it immensely and while I was eating "Baker Street" came on the store's stereo system- one of my fave songs ever even if it isn't exactly pro-London - came on and I thought "this is wonderful- this is one of those moments in my life that is pure happiness". I couldn't think of anywhere I would rather be at that point in time and thought how lucky I am to be able to do things like this. Simple things like sitting in a coffee shop with a good song playing...just little things in life.

I took the streetcar west on King to Mountain Equipment Co-op but didnt' buy anything - am too damn fat. Well we won't go there. Anyhoo I also looked at backpacks being as my travel backpack's zipper broke while I was packing up last Thursday night and picked one out but will order it on line so I don't have to haul it home. I wandered around looking at things so at least I know what they look like so can order on line.

Off to St. Lawrence Market but it was noon and too crowded so walked around trying to find Bath and Body Works. Oh man. My dogs are still barking big time - I knew it was somewhere on King. Anyway after loads of wandering around I found it and restrained myself as I have to haul it back on the plane which itself is't a problem - it's getting to the airport on the subway/bus.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring....if it's hot like this can't see walking much. I want to check out the market at Toronto city Hall and buy some good Montreal style bagels. Maybe check out the lake front again.

Tonight I am meeting my niece and her boyfriend for a meal (Indian food) on Bloor so looking forward to that.

Oh I got moved into the double room - very nice and the air conditioning is a much bigger better unit. It was bliss walking in here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Another fabulous Macca concert....Mull of Kintyre was stupendous but it was all fantastic. Despite being surrounded by assholes (again!) I enjoyed it. Michael Buble, whoever he is when he's at home was right by me and girls were wetting their pants to get a picture of him. I have no clue I've heard of him and he gives a concert at the AC Centre on Tuesday night. I think he's French (barf). Anyway could not get over Paul's energy level.....:) It was such a good concert as always. So many around me were up and down to get beer and it got really annoying after a while. I can't stand it when people go to a concert just to say they've seen someone or just because their friends are doing it - are you that desparate for a life people?

This morning I walked through High Park and then did the waterfront trail to the Humber Bridge - an area I've never been before. For breakfast I had a sad bagel at my B & B. Once I came back and moved my luggage to here I went for brunch. It was great - went to a place called the Church St. Diner and had eggs benedict. Yum. The art on the wall shocked me a bit to way the least and my eyes kept wandering to it. How can I put this delicately - it was pictures of dolls and let's say Barbie and another Barbie were having a good time as were two Kens. Yowie. I knew I wasn't in Saskatchewan anymore!! :)

This B & B is okay - the room is pretty small and while there is air it is weak and it can't be put up any higher or we will blow the whole power system according to the note. No breakfast but oh well - I do have my own bathroom and it's very nice.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring - gotta connect with my buds - I think we are doing the Beaches area before a repeat of tonight tomorrow night. It's gonna be good.

I was on the side and enjoyed it. I took some video, kept cringing every time a security person went by - force of habit!!! But they didn't give a rats - now if I'd had my SLR that would be a different story I am sure.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy day.,so far

Slept in a bit this morning being two hours behind and also very noisy during the night. Two guys were having a fight outside my window and some chick was screaming - and that doesn't include the party noises. I had put my ear plugs in but even those didn't help!

I walked through Cabbagetown which is an old area of Toronto where Eastern Europeans lived...they cooked a lot of Cabbage hence the name.....walked to the Riverdale farm which was free and looked at pigs and horsies, etc. Then into the Necropolis, an old cemetery which was lovely - like a park. Then over the viaduct onto Riverdale Drive where I stopped for an iced Americano and a brownie. The iced Americano...well once was enough...the brownie was divine. It had salt on the top of all things which sounds gross but with the sweetness (it was one of those very very moist brownies) On to the Danforth for the taste of the Danforth festival. Very crowded - did have a small spinach pie. The festival goes on for blocks and blocks - I finally gave up as after a while it is all the same. I was wishing I hadn't had the brownie as wasn't that hungry but I can't turn a brownie down - and that one was worth it.

Then grabbed the subway back here and rested for a bit. The owner of the B and B took me over to the place I will be staying as of tomorrow night. I have my own bathroom and it's more expensive - $79 instead of 55. He is subsidizing me for Tues. night as all they have is a double for 99. So have to move twice more. Oh well. No brekky included either but coffee shops suit me well plus want to try a couple of diners. Luckily I am pretty flexible so no sense making a fuss. I am happy he was able to make arrangements for me and the new place looks lovely. I will post the link here if I can find it on line.

Going to head off in a few minutes and might try Mother India on Queen St. West as they have a butter chicken roti that is to die for apparently. I got myself a day pass for the transit so off I go until it turns dark.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not sure if I am lucky or not

Found out the B & B did not have my reservation - hmmm remember reading something about that on Trip Advisor. Anyway I can stay here until tonday morning and I am paying $55 a night for more expensive room. I thought this one was a big big for what I'd seen on the internet. Just hope the place for the last two nights is decent. So guess I better not make myself too comfortable!!!

Tonight I wandered around a bit and had dinner at a fusion type Thai place - definitely not authentic as in owned by Thais but it was sure good. More Malaysian - had chicken satay kebobs with peanut sauce and beautifully stir fried veggies with rice. I could not finish my plate however that did not stop me from going to Baskin Robbins for a small cup of Gold Medal ribbon ice cream. Now that we no longer have a Baskin Robbins in Regina I have to take my small pleasures while I can.

The park by me is small with a dog park that was a bit fragrant to put it mildly but at least I know where to go when I need a doggie fix.

Can't wait to get out there tomorrow and explore. I can already feel my inner bitch leaving me!!!!

Hi Toronto

My first Bed and Breakfast

Just arrived here less than two hours ago. Was a cheapskate and took the bus/subway here - hey $3 as opposed to $20. That pays for dinner!

Luckily I had my cell phone with me as there was no one here so phoned and he told me he left the key in the mailbox and the key in the lock of my room. My room is huge and nice and the bathroom down the hall is nice too. I have the air conditioner going full blast right now so it will be nice and cool when Iget back.

There is a computer here so no need to bring the netbook but oh well....a nice little kitchen area where we have breakfast and a sitting area. I have a good sized tV in my room - not that I plan to use it. Monteith St is just a little side street - very quaint and quiet. There is a park next door so I plan to check it out next as am on my way out.

The flight here was good - sat with a lady going to stay in a house in France for three weeks with her family. She is doing carry on and man that is the way to go. I should have done that but oh suitcase arrived.

Off to explore the Village area of Toronto - should be interesting!!!

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