Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sick and tired

I've been home over a week now and meant to update this blog however I've been busy working and then I got sick....I had my B.C. cold that was getting better but then I woke up last Friday morning feeling the worst I have felt in years. I have the cold from hell and the cough from someplace even worse. I had a house guest over the weekend for four nights and felt badly as I could not do much with her. My attempts at cooking meals were pathetic and I could not go on walks with her. I did part of one walk with her and then came home on shaky legs. This past Monday I rented a car (I had booked a car for the weekend but cancelled it due to not feeling at all well on Saturday) and drove down to Weyburn to do a 10km walk there. Well my friends did 10 km - I did 6 and that was more than enough for me as I needed energy to drive. They gave me an SUV - I hate SUV's but that was all they had and I did enjoy driving it. Luckily it was a small one - a Ford Escape. However Monday night I was absolutely shattered and paid for it dearly with the worst coughing fit of my entire life. I am pretty tired. Make that exhausted.

I came back from B.C. so fit and strong and now I have to start my walking regime from scratch again - I cannot even muster the energy to walk to work which is only 3 km. I think I am getting worse instead of better but oh well that's life.

The rest of my trip back was pretty good - the bus was full coming back from Kelowna & Calgary but got in pretty much on time and back to work the next day...and then I wonder why I get knees did not like the trip the long bus trips may be no more.

All in all a good trip. I do love traveling on my own - I feel so free and strong. I feel like a warrior princess! Okay I will change this blog from Restless Prarie Girl to Restless Warrior Princess!

Now I will go and have a piece of cheese to have with my whine. And celebrate the fact that bloody hockey ends tonight - I hope the door slams it's ass on the way out too.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hi from Kelowna

Well here I am at the library in downtown Kelowna - what a beauty of a place. I do love libraries. I get much more excited over libraries than stupid hockey games. (so there!)

Almost done the walk - fantastic! Walked through a couple of marshes and saw a Blue Heron - gorgeous. Walked along Okanagan lake for about half the walk which was beautiful. It is a gorgeous day out - not as horribly hot as it was in Kamloops yesterday. Everyone in every place I have visited on this trip is so happy good weather is here as they have suffered through a very wet pig of a Spring as well.

I stopped off and had an iced Chai Latte at a coffee shop (I LOVE coffee shops) - that's the beauty of being on my own - can just stop when I want and do what I want...ah freedom.

I saw the Same Sun hostel which is right across from the hotel where I started the walk - much nicer as in bigger and a proper building. And cleaner...oh man can't believe I am saying that as I am not a clean freak (to put it mildly and think people who are are anally rententive) but it just is. I will stay there next time. Nothing against the hostel I am in - the people who run it are awesome but no proper place to store my stuff. It is just sitting there and the fellow who runs it said he would keep checking on it. Uh huh.....I have my money, etc. with me but still...I am a free spirit but not quite that free....I am sure it will still be there when I get back..she says hopefully....he said to let him know when I do get it or he will freak out so guess he is serious about keeping an eye on it. I found the guys there were much friendlier than the girls...they must have thought of me as competition snort snort snort!!! :) :)

Next up I will look in some shops - would love to take something back with to take some wine but no room so guess I will have to settle for some peach chutney or jam or something.....I roamed through a huge wine store but resisted. I would love to go on a wine tour one day (as in for a day) - on my bucket list! Maybe next time I come out this way and have more time. I want to do the walks in Peachland (don't you love that name), Summerland, Keremeos, etc. Hopefully the hound goes there!

For five dollars the hostel is taking me to the bus depot - believe me a taxi would cost way more. I will go back and wash up and change and then off on my next 26 hour adventure. I have to spend about four hours in Salmon Arm tonight so hoping there is a place for me to "hang out" - plus probably getting on an almost full bus at 1:30 a.m. with everyone sprawled everywhere sleeping. Goodie!!! There was a bus leaving for Calgary at 1:30 p.m. but not enough time plus it was a long one although through areas I have never been before. Oh well next time.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh my god I feel old

Am sitting at the Kelowna youth hostel and oh is funky. My room is painted purple with blue dolphins on which is cute but it would be nice if it had more than one light (a lamp) Upstairs it`s crowded and they are all watching some bizarre movie. When I walked in they looked at me like I was some sort of alien or their mother...youth hostels can attract all ages but tonight I am the only oldie. Anyway may go up later and try to find a seat on the couch. :)

Hopefully they will store my bags for me tomorrow - should not be a problem. Hot in here but am using all the outlets to charge stuff for the 26 hour hound trip tomorrow. I will put it on later...

The walk in Kamloops was HOT and flooding so I got redirected again...but I`ve done it so that walking program is done. Was able to get public transit to and from downtown.

Other than that not much to report - am pretty tired. Hoping for a nice walk tomorrow. I have to repack tonight and get my `bus stuff`out ready for tomorrow night.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Well here I am in Hope. Fun but tiring day. I took the bus downtown and that was exciting - a drunk passed out snoring loudly. Though I bet I could outdo him in a contest. (the snoring that is...the drinking probably not..)The driver phoned transit security and they came and escorted him off the bus. Guess he's a 'regular'.

Got the bus on time and arrived into Hope just after noon. Checked into the motel and changed and off I went on the 10km walk. It was a beautiful walk but it was very warm so it felt like about 12 km and took me three hours with no stops except for photography. One of the trails was flooded so had to walk along the main road. Hope (named by the Hudson Bay Company for being hopeful of better trade) is a lovely town .There are chain saw wooden carvings all over the town as well which is fun. I walked along a river dyke and saw a couple of marmots - how cute. Am always afraid I will see a bear - am such a chicken shit it's not even funny. I am a city girl through and through. (and proud of it) (which reminds me I saw a black dog come out of the trees in Whistler and nearly had to change my underwear) There are two rivers here - the Fraser and the Coquihilla and where they meet is quite spectacular. Both rivers were running very quickly due to run off from the mountains. It is really a neat little town nestled in the mountains.

I came back to the motel and collapsed on the bed - it's the 5 km in Kamloops tomorrow for sure! After a reviving shower I went off to dinner.

Went to a bistro and had Fraser Valley hotpot - shrimp, salmon, scallops and mushrooms in a curry sauce with noodles. A bit spicy for my taste but it was good. I had another peach cidar and boy did it hit me...but I have developed a taste for it. Oh dear. Chatted with a couple from Ireland (but they are English) on a month long holiday here. Tomorrow morning it's to Rolly's for a good breakfast.

A rather hectic day...I get off in Kamloops at 11:30 or there abouts and store my luggage and do the walk then jump on the 5:30 bus to Kelowna where I spend the night. Monday I do the 10km walk in Kelowna then I hop the 7 pm bus and end up back home 10:30ish Tuesday evening. Back to work Wednesday morning...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fabulous day

The sun shone and my cold is almost over. Yippee skippy!!!

I walked the seawall in Stanley Park - my favourite walk in Vancouver. It was absolutely always. Quite busy with lots of people walking and cycling - I really like that they keep the cyclists and walkers on separate paths. I stopped and had lunch at Second Beach - sat on a log on the beach and ate fish and chips. It doesn't get much better than that. Enjoyed every last morsel. After I left the seawall I walked down Denman St enjoying the atmosphere.

Then I took the bus over to West Vancouver and did a 5 km walk in Ambleside - walked along the Capalino River, through a dog beach - I love that area and sat and enjoyed the dogs splashing in the ocean for quite a while...could have sat there all day! I then ended the walk by having an iced latte sitting overlooking the ocean - beautiful.

I sat waiting for the bus to downtown Vancouver and then I felt impulsive and crossed to the other side of the road and got the express bus out to Horseshoe Bay - this is where the ferries cross over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island as well as other places. I got off the ferry and the view was amazing with the blue ocean overshadowed by towering snow covered peaks. I walked around a bit and saw a rooftop deck and thought I am going there. So off I went - had a shrimp salad and a peach cidar - oh my, both were good. It was a day for eating but I did walk a lot. The salad was delicious with lots of shrimp and greens. I thought to myself aren't I lucky to be me - not only to be in this beautiful place but to have the ability to do things like this on my own. I know people who cannot go into a coffee shop on their sad. We are our own best friends.....

I do love solo travel.

Eventually the express bus back to Vancouver left and luckily I was one of the first on and snagged a seat - the bus was packed to the rafters with people arriving off the ferry. I then waited for the trolley downtown. A fellow was on that was a bit on the mentally challenged side (being PC here) decided I was good to talk to - I attract them like flies I swear. So it was an entertaining trip back - luckily he got off before me.

A wonderful day...tomorrow I am off to Hope, B.C. to do the walk there. I am staying at a mom and pop motel so likely no wifi - I will be very shocked if there is. Hopefully I can touch base again in Kelowna on Sunday evening as I am staying at the youth hostel and I believe I can get online there. Having the free wifi here has been great.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rain rain go away

A very rainy day here - nonstop. No walking today - well map walk that is. I walked all over downtown. It was a shopping day! I headed over on the Seabus to North Vancouver and had breakfast there (toast and eggs) then looked in the shops. I got myself a float duckie tea infuser just because...well I am a sicko. I thought it was so cute.

Then back downtown to get a few things including a couple of new tops and capri pants. Went to New Balance and ended up getting new running shoes - they are being shipped home free of charge. Bits and pieces - oh yes went to Murchies and had an apricot tea latte - it was good. And okay got two more bags of tea - I need them like a hole in the head but oh well....just little bags....

Had an early supper (3:30) at a 50's/60's diner - grilled cheese and a chocolate orange (yummy) milkshake. And that's about it for today...just hanging around rainy downtown.

I have a very runny nose and a very noisy cough so did not want to go to a movie, etc. and disturb other people.

Not the most exciting day but that's okay. Tomorrow should be cloudy and sunny in the evening so that works for me - more walking.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another item on the bucket list done

I went on a seaplane today - have been wanting to go on one for years so decided to go for it. It was called the mail run but really no mail - just cargo sometimes but none this time. Just passengers - we landed in Ganges, Salt Spring Island and then Maple Bay on Vancouver Island. Wow wow wow. Loved it. Will be doing it again. It cost a fortune but so worth it. I think next time I do Vancouver/Victoria I will be doing the seaplane in between!!! It was very smooth and such a thrill. Absolutely loved it.

I had a light breakfast in case I got sick but I was fine. I didn't get much walking in today - decided to take a day off as my cold is steadily getting worse (they took my backpack off me on the plane and stored it so luckily had my cameras out but no kleenex!!!! Not good!).

I started off the day at Wreck beach - the clothing optional beach here at UBC. The path is right behind my dorm - it was a long staircase up and down but it was wonderful. I was the only one on the beach for most of the time. And no I didn't strip off - would not inflict that on anybody! It was a gorgeous beach. Well worth the climb - got back up (it was not pretty but I did it) and lo and behold the little shuttle bus was coming. So off I headed downtown for a coffee and pastry and then lurked around Canada Place and area until my seaplane journey.

After the flight I went to Bath and Body works and got some stuff - there goes my light suitcase...but anyway am happy. I got the bus out of downtown as there is a stupid hockey game on tonight and of course the Canucks are playing and it will be NUTS. Being as I loathe, despise and abhor hockey I did not want to be around. (hope whoever wins tonight - and I don't give a rat's who does - wins four in a row and the damn hockey season will be over with - it lasts way way too long...all about money which is all sports is money money...) Yeah I am a crab - so sue me.

Stopped in Kitsalano and had an early supper at The Naam restaurant which is a veggie restaurant. The food was wonderful - I had a spinach and feta enchilada with a HUGE salad - (yes I took pictures Dena) but the service was terrible. I then walked over to the ocean and sat on a rock and ate some chocolate - okay chocolate, mountains, ocean ...does it get any better...I then walked along to Kitsalano beach and sat there for a bit.

Then walked up to the main road and popped into a wonderful grocery store and got some cheese, juice and water for tomorrow. Then back here on the bus.

The day was pretty good weather wise - it rained a bit on the plane when we were at the islands but here it was cloudy with sunny breaks.

Tomorrow another walk starting with a good brekky at the Sunshine Cafe - with a name like that it has to be good!

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